ISIG Welcomes ISU Summer Studies Program to Cork


                                            Press Release 25/06/2017


Irish Space Industry Group welcomes the hosting of the International Space University Summer Studies Program by Cork Institute of Technology

The Irish Space Industry Group (ISIG) warmly welcomes the students, faculty and honoured space pioneers who will be participating in the 30th ISU Summer Studies Program, being held in Ireland for the first time.

ISIG was formed in 2015 with the goal of growing a vibrant and sustainable space industry sector in Ireland.

Commercial space activities made up 76 percent of the global space economy, which was worth $323 billion in 2015. The overall European space market was worth €7.5 billion in 2015 and has provided recession-proof year-on-year growth for decades. Space contributed €76M to the Irish economy in 2015 – providing greater than 4:1 return on state investment in the European Space Agency (ESA).

Recent highlights from ISIG member companies include:

  • The announcement by Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division that its Ireland-based facility has been selected by Italy’s ELV SpA (Avio Group), the prime contractor on the Vega-C Launcher System and GPM Development and Qualification Program for ESA, to provide a COTS-based telemetry data system for the new launcher.  At €4.5M, this is the largest ESA related contract ever awarded to an Irish based operation.
  • O.C.E. Technology, an Irish software company headquartered at NovaUCD, announced that its debug tool (DMON) has been approved by ESA to support its latest navigation processor, the AGGA-4 which measures signal distortions in the upper atmosphere when installed on aircraft or satellites. This data can be used for weather prediction modelling and other applications. The company is customising its products for the fast growing commercial satellite market.
  • Arralis, a Limerick-based semiconductor manufacturer, has developed world-leading expertise in radio frequency, micro and millimetre-wave technology and has developed a 94GHz radar system for ESA.
  • Cork-based Treemetrics has secured a major contract with ESA to roll out a pioneering Tree Growth analytics and monitoring system, which includes a unique measurement sensor that tracks the growth and health of trees.

ISIG represents and promotes the collective interests of companies operating in the space sector in Ireland. The space industry operates at the cutting edge of technology and relies on a pool of highly skilled graduates, particularly those earning university degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The development of a small satellite programme is part of the ISIG strategy for developing and harnessing such a cohort of experienced talent. The selection of an Irish CubeSat `EIRSAT-1’ by ESA to participate in the Fly Your Satellite! program for university students, represents an important step forward in enabling future jobs growth in the space sector in Ireland.

We congratulate the team from Cork Institute of Technology and Blackrock Castle Observatory for bringing such an important event in the global space calendar to Ireland and we look forward to contributing to the many debates, workshops and events planned for the 2017 ‘Summer of Space’.